Brandy Barry-Wyatt

Brandy Barry-Wyatt

Vancouver, BC


Brandy Barry-Wyatt was born in 1974 in Edmonton Alberta, she is a self taught contemporary artist with a fair roster of art classes early in life, eventually studying 2D and 3D animation in College. Brandy has been practising art since the young age of 9 and started with the love of drawing horses, many of her younger years were spent travelling with music and Arts Festivals and she could be found doing temporary tattooing and selling small pieces of art. Living in many places including Edmonton, Calgary, Melbourne and since 2003 Kelowna, BC. Her current body of work mostly in Acrylic is designed to capture the movement and beauty of animals, also touching on a bit of silliness!

Exploring these avenues allows the opportunity to capture the quirky side of all creatures alike, hopefully finding the hilarity in the odd, and ultimately give the viewer a joyful fun experience. 

A few words

  • In hidden beauty, sometimes it isn’t right in front of you. 
  • In simpleness and loyalty 
  • That life is a gift made to be lived 
  • To share information but not to know everything, there is ALWAYS something to learn. 
  • In working everyday on what we love, and that if we fail, to only work harder 
  • That time has no power over the enduring soul 
  • To leave it better than I found it. 
  • To always try to be kind even to those that aren’t kind to me 
  • Sometimes our greatest mistakes are our biggest successes. 

Brandy Barry-Wyatt's Art Pieces


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