Heather Beaton

Heather Beaton

Golden, BC


Heather Beaton has painted the Canadian landscape for thirty years. A passion for light effects and colour harmonies inspire her paintings of Western Canada and Nova Scotia.

Fine art galleries in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland exhibited her work for twenty five years. Beaton was also an instructor of Perspective Drawing for Artists at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and taught landscape painting workshops throughout Nova Scotia.
In 2008, Beaton moved to Golden, British Columbia, to fulfill her dream of painting the Western landscape. In her own words, "It's a real thrill to live close to nature, even with bears and cougars close by. The scenery is inspirational as the clouds and light are ever-changing over the mountains."
Beaton's landscape paintings are featured in the book From Land and Sea, the Nova Scotia Art Bank Collection and private collections across North America.



"The creative act cannot be corralled into submission. It is forever free." - H. Beaton

Heather Beaton's Art Pieces


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