Karen Lorena Parker

Karen Lorena Parker

Vancouver, BC


FeminineWild, Pulpfiction Politics and Canadiana Landscapes will inspire you as you visit the range of work in this vibrant studio. Parker’s optimistic dialogue with medium expresses her unique voice and concerns. Her character and environment portraits invite you to connect emotionally with a distinguished rhythm and resonance of creative spirit.

Featured in Arabella Magazine, Art Director for the ParkerArtSalon and council member, her passion for the arts over 25 years is evidenced by her work and contribution to community. Lindt Chocolate commission for Emmys & GoldenGlobes, represented in Asia, and WestVancouver; this international artist has exhibited in Avenches, Dubai, Bahrain, Abudhabi, ArtVancouver, with collections in Canada, Basel, Seattle, South Africa.

Karen Lorena Parker's Art Pieces


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