Kim Knoll

Kim Knoll

Halifax, NS


“Our eyes move toward those things already on our minds, and in our imagination... the deeper cues move the subconscious eye” (R.Genn). My compositions are inspired by both life and/or photos that reflect a deeper metaphor, even the simplest of subjects has it's story, Although beginning in oils, I now paint in acrylics. My choices of colour, harder lines, and simple subjects, are shaped and influenced by three places I have called home, The East Coast (Halifax, NS), B.C. Interior, and the California Desert. My enthusiasm for painting stems from a fascination with both colour and still life's that transcend and transport us to different times, places and other stories.

A few words

I am grateful and honoured to put forward some works toward this fabulous synergy of both creativity and giving.


Kim Knoll's Art Pieces


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