Liz Christian

Liz Christian

Vancouver, BC


My art is not representational, it is not a reflection of a particular view or photograph.  It is a snapshot of my imagination.

I paint intuitively, I have no plan when I begin. I start with whichever colours are inspiring and calling me at that moment. My method is one of trust and allowing.

My paintings have many layers. I think of the layers as the history of it’s growing up.

All of my paintings go through different individual stages. Sometimes they are awkward and ugly for a period of time. It’s part of the process for them to find their balance and settle in.

That is the tricky part, that is where I must do my own practice of letting go and allowing, which is something I personally aspire to and struggle with in my own life.

So in a way this is my practice on and off the canvas.

Slowly as I continue to layer and turn the canvas it starts to show me where it wants to go, something in the colours and marks inspire and show me a direction. A focus. Once that happens I start to become committed to a more specific theme.

Once committed I settle into creating this visual to be as pleasing and joyful and curious as it wants to go, deep into it’s own world of discovery. This is a very pleasing fun period of it’s development. On the other hand the process becomes more restrictive because all the marks now have a relationship with each other, so there becomes a balancing act of scale and colour.

All my art is ultimately grounded in nature whether in a big way or with small nuances within. I paint mainly in bold colours and when I am finished with a creation I want it to it to feel like a place one could gaze upon and feel that they have entered a place for a time of rest, escape, wonder and joyfulness. Thank you for being interested in my Art.

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