Marie Chartrand

Marie Chartrand

Montreal, QC


From the gyproc chalk to acrylic Marie has carried over her love for freedom and her desire to explore and understand from her childhood years. It is also during this period that Marie sketched her first drawings from gyproc chalk.​Sensitive to the sad fate of the Polar Bear, this artist paints this majestic mammal to honor it.​
Humbly, she hopes that her large paintings on our walls will become a testimony to the bear in the same fashion as the paintings in the caves of Lascaux.''My bears reside in my studio like giants. When one of them is taken away his presence is sorely missed for quite a while. There is a sudden feeling of emptiness, a void in the room.''
Her studies in Architecture clearly influenced her painting and her artistic approach. Her conceptual use of created shapes, her superposition of shades and transparencies open up a range of reflection by means of a very personal aestheticism. Her artistic work starts with a reflection process and by taking a stand so as to communicate a pertinent message about her subject. A dialogue takes place between the bear and the painter and as a result, the message comes through fluidly and naturally.​
Marie uses vibrant colors to immortalize the Polar bear as a powerful symbol of vigor and resistance.​Each one of her bears is placed center stage with much emotion and tenderness.



The last oh the Bears During the Ice Age, the cave man and the great bear no doubt cohabitated. What happened to this bond? My work as an artist is dedicated to the bear, more specifically, the Polar bear as it is in danger of extinction. I fear for them as they are vulnerable to climate change. I also denounce the carnage of this animal, for the sole purpose of obtaining its skin. My hope is to establish a story of peace with this noble creature.​I propose we start by replacing the bear skin on our floors with bear paintings on our walls and go back to a time of cohabitation.​After all, didn’t cavemen paint bears on their walls?

Marie Chartrand's Art Pieces


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