Sam Siegel

Sam Siegel

Vancouver, BC


Sam Siegel Artist and Mountaineer I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. From an early age, like most young kids, I especially enjoyed coloring and drawing. My 3rd grade teacher noticed how interested I was in art, and one day she mentioned to my parents that she thought I had a strong ‘artistic’ talent. From that moment on, my parents started taking me to the local art galleries and museums, where I was exposed to a great variety of styles and ideas.
Growing up, I was always aware of the incredible natural beauty of the cityscape. But the freedom and independence I got once I obtained my driver’s license really became a watershed moment for me. That freedom allowed me to explore the area in a totally different way, and I became interested in hiking and mountain climbing.
My introspective love of the outdoors is a major influence on my artistic endeavors, and the subject-matter that I enjoy exploring in my paintings. My photographs are often the stepping stones to my paintings. Upon returning from my ‘weekend excursions’ I invariably go to the drawing board with a plethora of new ideas. Inspired by the photographs I have taken, I often precede my paintings first with pencil drawings, playing with numerous organic shapes and perspectives. My paintings eventually 'find themselves' in these preliminary drawings.
People who buy my paintings commonly cite my ‘color palette’ as one of the things that attracts them to my art. Personally, I enjoy discovering scenes that have a fairy-tale or other-worldly feel, with warped perspectives, thick textures, and simplified forms. My intent is to create an image that makes me see with a new vision, and inspires me to want to explore further. I hope the viewer will feel a similar sense of wonder and curiosity in my work.


“British Columbia is full of amazing hiking trails and spectacular vistas, which inspires me to recreate this amazing, natural beauty through the medium of oil and acrylic painting, such as the ones you see here. I hope my art will inspire you with that same sense of spectacular beauty that is all around us!” – Sam Siegel

Sam Siegel's Art Pieces


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