Siaka Soppo Traoré

Siaka Soppo Traoré

Montreal, QC


Siaka S. Traore is a Cameroon-born Burkinabe photographer who lives between Senegal and Canada.  

With a degree in civil engineering, this self-taught photographer, fascinated by urban arts, is interested in both their social impact and their esthetic.  He creates vignettes that combine body movement, esthetics and symbolism and captures the performers’ complex movements, translating their body language through his compositions.

Siaka S. Traore’s first showing was at the Atiss Gallery in Dakar during their 2014 biannual exhibit.  His “Sunustreet” series was a huge success, effectively launching his artistic career.

He received the Orange award for digital artistry in 2016 at the Paris AKAA (Also known as Africa) for his work “Dans …ce”. It was part of his “Sunustreet” series show at the Mam and Donwahi Gallery. The theme of the series is Dakar’s streets and their urban dancers.  It was born of human interaction and plastic expressions, uniting emotion, light and kinetic art.  Siaka uses the levitation process, resembling professional athletes, paired with the dancers’ athletic performances, to sublimate their strongest emotions and depict our life in society.

Siaka himself is a dancer.  He has practiced both Capoeira and Hip-hop since childhood. He nourishes his passion for the visual corporal arts by constant reflection on the cultural wealth of various societies, their evolution and how they coexist in an ever-changing world.  Like a star that illuminates a mysterious sky, his artistic swagger is laden with hope.

The artist, who spends his time between Africa, America and Europe explores the universes of dance, music, traditions, science fiction, fantasy and sport in an attempt to rewrite the existence of an evolving world. When he photographs, the artist is in a state of perpetual introspection.  He concentrates on the composition of the image and the emotions it communicates, the two most important elements for him to connect to the multiple sensitivities of his audience.


I nourished my passion for the visual arts and body by questioning me perpetually about the cultural wealth of our different societies, their evolutions and their cohabitations in a world in perpetual change.

Siaka Soppo Traoré's Art Pieces


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