Boost your social corporate responsibility.

You have the means to support charities through the purchase of art.

A Threefold Positive Impact

Bring art to the office

Art pieces help create a pleasant working environment, stimulate your teams creativity, and to enhance your company rapport.

Art Pieces

Contribute to social well-being

Proceeds of your purchased artwork go directly to the charity of your choice.


Benefit from tax deduction

On top of contributing to society, you are able to take advantage of certain tax benefits with the purchase of art.

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Art For Humans is a game changer, contributing to a cultural shift.

Do you want to create history? Help us bring millions of new customers into our virtuous circle? Share the joy of brightening this world one piece of art at a time?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you are in the right place.

To become a patron, an ambassador, or to be part of our partnership program, please enter in contact with us.

We’d love to meet you and define together a commitment tailored to your expectations.

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