Tiffany Reid

My work takes on various unpredictable forms, constantly challenging one's perspectives. My intention is connect to the active part of the brain, leaving a hint, new idea, question, or feeling, each unique for the viewer to conceptualize.

Some trees cannot fight the massive storms that are thrown at them because they are too great to conquer. But if they do their roots grow deeper and stronger. The more adversity trees endure the deeper the roots become. When I am facing a storm I dig deep and to find a hidden strength. It’s not easy when your body and mind are telling you it can’t be done but dig very deep and it’s there and it’s more powerful than you think. This inner strength and courage will push you forward and help you to continue growing after the storm passes. It will give you a tremendous amount of energy and resiliency overtime and allow you to come out on top. Dig deep. It’s there.

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