Liz Christian

My art is not representational, it is not a reflection of a particular view or photograph. It is a snapshot of my imagination. I paint intuitively, I have no plan when I begin. I start with whichever colours are inspiring and calling me at that moment. My method is one of trust and allowing. My paintings have many layers. I think of the layers as the history of it’s growing up.

Spring Fantasia is a large 36X36 painting that exudes carefree joyfulness to gaze
upon. It was painted with raw unabashed creative flow from a imaginary place of
bright exhuberance, a place where my psyche loves to rest. It was born of many
rich layers of richly pigmented high quality paint. This piece always brings a
pleasing energetic feeling when resting your eyes upon it. It’s cheerful, loose and
bold with colour. I love to paint with bright contrasting colours and a sense of
contrasting restraint, loose/ and tension. Like many of my paintings they bring
sophisticated looseness curiosity and happiness to wherever they are viewed.

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