Guillaume Leti

A glance, a smile, a beautiful light streaming, a singular atmosphere, or a nature artwork are all sources of inspiration to fire off the trigger and hold on to the ephemeral. The lens freezes the very moment that expresses the feeling of a time and place. I strive to capture moments rich in emotions, meaning, and metaphor, that surprise, inform and encourage a viewer's mind to wander, imagine and create a history behind the pictures.

At the end of the afternoon, in the streets of Varanasi, a curious person, intrigued by my camera, comes to meet me.
He would like to see the pictures that I captured during the day. After seeing several portraits on the screen, and discussing a bit together, he requests me to do his own.
As he fixes the lens with a particularly intense look, I decide to focus on it and to freeze this outstanding glance for eternity.

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